Monday, 31 January 2011

slipping into Icelandic mode.

The Icelandic Knitter

So this is my next project. When the wool arrived all the way from The Shetlands I was a bit dubious about the colours, dare I say almost beige. but after reading up the designer's blog I slipped into the Icelandic mode, neutreul sheepy colours.

I spent the afternoon winding up thirteen little centre pull balls on my ,rather blue, thumb.

To stop any arguing beteen the balls I then had to wedge them into boxes as instructed.

Here we are at 20 rows done only another 280 to go.

And while this was all going on inside the house, outside the snow was falling yet again to create another frozen landscape. All part of the Icelandic theme (well if they had castles).


Paula said...

Now idea . . never head of ball winding on the thumb . . . will have to try it . . make so much sense.

The sweater looks so nice . . like your color choice.

Kathy said...

So clever,l winding a pull-center ball like that. I've never tried that before...I'll have to look it up. Looks like you'll need that sweater too, with all that snow! Stay warm!

wool and walking in The Apennines said...

never too old to learn new tricks the centre pull ball technique is shown on the given website. Mind you thumbs can change colour.

Ambra said...

Io impazzirei con tutti quei gomitoli... ma Less non dice niente? La Tripy me li ruberebbe tutti uno ad uno.
Mi piace l'idea del gomitolo sul pollice!!!

Anonymous said...

Well you know what I am going to say of course, I like the matching doll!
I am sure that the sweater will be gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Mi piace il modello , patriottico direi, me ne farei una anch'io. Con la Union Jack, of course e toglierei il tricolre francese dalle maniche. Bravissima e anche "brave" in inglese per la fatica della preparazione dei gomitoki. Ciao simona