Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring has sprung

Got probably one of the last glimpses of snow this year as I walked up to the castle. Monte Cusna. 2,121 metres, affectionatly called 'The Sleeping Man'

I just have to knit YELLOW in the spring. Was captivated by the pattern on the back of this one. (Dahlia by Heather Zoppetti). Unfortunatley I hadnt realised that the front was so boring. I diligently ploughed my way through knitting the given waterfall fronts but was not at all happy with results. Unpicked and reknitted as a standard cardi. Still boring. Perhaps I should wear it back to front?

This one's backed by an embaressing tale. It was a kit, the wool was knitted in a dipdyed knitted sushi roll, as you knitted the shawl the pattern unravelled from the roll. I loved the idea but had so many problems ordering it and then when it came, part of a large order, my roll was badly stained. In the end the company were correct, gave me a full refund. I forgot about it for a year but curious to experiment got it out again. The final row should have been bright orange but was dirty and there wasnt enough. I had to improvise.and the quality of the wool wasnt specail, not for a shawl, but it doesn't look bad in the end !