Monday, 28 March 2011

Fame at last!!!!

Italy has finally got a decent knitting magazine. To be honest I've got most of the patterns as they are just reshuffled and translated from the British 'The Knitter' magazine.

But issue number two does have an exclusive.!!!

Just check out page 35.........

And my creative streak goes on.....

all the way up the stairs.

what could be more fun than knitting a ball of long colour changing Kauni wool? Why knitting two together at the same time!


Morocco stole by Ilga Leja

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pietra di Bismantova

After a month of bad weather, the sun poked its head out, accompanied by a galeforce wind straight from the Arctic.

The perfect afternoon for climbing Bismantova, at 1047 metres, the rock dominates the mid Apennines.

Look at those blue skies. And no we didn't scale the bare rock walls, although many others did, but found a muddy path round the back.

The hermitage

The flat top measures one kilometre and well worth the climb. Snowy mountains all around us

Sheer drop

Pretending I can't feel the cold in newly knitted purple cotton cardi. Maybe it could have been a size smaller but georgeous colour.