Sunday, 6 February 2011

Val Modolena

Not feeling too spritely, today's walk was rather a sober one and we stuck to the roads.
Starting point: Church Madonna della Battaglia,
legend has it that a miraculous fog fell here in 1092 thus letting the local queen win a battle against the German emperor. (373 metres).

And finished here. "Mandarein" farm restuarmt where we had 5 pieces of cake (very small pieces-honest) before walking back uphill.
The road follows the south facing slope and all the snow had melted. In fact we were almost overdressed.

Whilst there was still plenty of it on the other, north facing vally wall. See pretty picture

So, all in all, a good walk and made a break from the ongoing 'flag' project. Got to the middle red stripe, 60 rows of garter stitch in lace weight yarn. It is moving slowly but I'm pleased with results. Maybe I'll have done the back this time next Sunday. Have a good week...


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it looks lovely- but where are the pictures of the cakes?

Paula said...

The colors you are knitting are so mellow .. . . it is going to be so gorgeous and something you will war for years.

And, the walk you took had a view that wasn't to shabby alsom :-)

Anonymous said...

5 cakes!!!
Beautiful scenic pics...and your knitting looks will be a masterpiece when its finished.


sana_linda said...

Manca qualcosa di Glee sul blog!