Thursday, 26 August 2010

Farewell to Strilla!

A warm, balmy evening,
a full moon,
a glass or two of wine and pumpkin tortelli
with a view of floodlit castle
and good company,
what more could a girl want?
And all my knitting pals know that nothing beats a chat about yarn and anything else with a like minded gal. (not even George Clooney)

Unfortunately, this was only the second time that Maria and I met up. From Finland she has been researching at the local uni throughout the summer and after meeting virtually through our online computer knitting communitiy we hit it off in the real life too.
But as all computer buffs know, our friendship won't end here but will continue with exchanges of patterns, news, scandanavian roughspun and Italian merino well into the future.
Check out her projects on Ravalry (under Strilla).

When we visited Innsbruck in June I found this wonderful shop full of Shoppenwolle and I couldn't resist the colours of this bamboo, silk and wool sock yarn. Slate grey, purple and lime green. WOW
Once again ILGA LEJA came to the rescue with 'Tidal Streams' a stole knitted on the bias with voluptous flounces at the ends. You'll have to take my word for it that it drapes well as the family photgrapher is having fun at the beach with her mates this week.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Relaxing bank holiday weekend........

...or at least it would have been very relaxing if only that

dam kitten left my ball of wool alone!

We stayed in a very authentic converted farmhouse just the other side of The Apennines..Lunigiana

An area of very steep and deep forested valleys. Pontremoli is the capital.

Cut off from civilisation the farm overlooks the medieval hamlet of Mulazzo

Mulazzo by night.
Local specialities included chestnut tagliatelle and tagliata- sliced Florentine steak with mushrooms cooked at the table in a boiling hot terracotta pot

The sea breeze drifting up the valley enticed us to spend one afternoon at a fish resturant in Lierici

Shades of the Med.
In the distance the Apuan Alps where Michaleangelo picked up his marble.
In the foreground the pool.
Nicely set off by a ball of Schoppenwool sock wool.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

In the HEART of the mountains

Hard to play down the reason for my month's leave from blogging. Four Saturdays ago, I came over all 'funny' in Lidl, of all places, and my husband decided we'd better stop off at casualty. I was sure they would say ' silly woman' after all it was blistering hot and the supermarket was over air conditioned, but instead I was whisked straight into the operating theatre where a blocked vein was burst open and a split vein stuck back together with 5 stands.

All very drammatic, I felt fine before and fine now. Am a bit pissed off over wasting 50 years NOT smoking NOT drinking NOT owning a chip pan and going to the gym when I could have been leaving a slovenly lazy life. Why me? one of life's little mysteries.

But what a treat. Ten days rehabilitation in a hospital in the mountains. Take a look at that view from the ward.
And although walking has been forced to take a back seat, the wool side couldn't have been better. I managed to make these two cardis whilst watching the last ten days of the Tour de France. What more could a girl ask for?
Thanks to all you lovely people who sent me cards and visited. Yesterday's check up was near perfect all I have to do is get back in those walking boots now.