Monday, 29 September 2008

From Sole to Gottano Sopra and back again

I'm afraid I don't usually take much notice of the news but a couple of items rather dampened the start to a rather sunny Sunday morning; the death of one of cinema's greats, Paul Newman. And (twice world champion) Bettini's dramatic declaration to quit cycling after the World Race Championship. Why are sportsmen, especailly Male Italian Cyclists so drammatic! - and will it last?

Victor walks one week, with me and stays at home the next. This was a walking week and so he drove us to the bridge over the Lonza Torrent at Vetto where we picked up the fourth stage of the S.D. It was the first day of the hunting season as we set off to the sound of (hopefully distant) guns along the bank of the torrent to where it joins the Enza.

The Mulino di Stabio

Then uphill to Gottano Sotto. Looking over to Sole and bar, see below!.

And where there's a sotto (lower) there's usually a sopra (upper) so we pushed onto Gottano Sopra (675m), a picnic, and few rows of knitting, before returning to the bottom of the valley.

Still full of go, and fancying a cappuchino, we pushed on back up the other side to Sole, (both Sotto and Sopra) only to find the trattoria too busy with lunches to serve us, never mind, the view was good and I'd made a traditional 'cellar cake' at home. Layers of sponge cake soaked in Amaretto layered with a stodgy chocolate custard cream in a bowl. All weighted down and left in the cellar (i.e. fridge) overnight.

Towards Ventasso.

As often happens, Victor had timed the video to record the Cycling but the wrong channel!! Fortunately we still managed to get in the last three laps with Bettini trying out new tactics, by taking his fond farewells during the race with all the other champions, he managed to distract them into bringing up the rear of the race, leaving the rest of the Italian team free to dash off and grab 3 of the first 4 places.
Now I know we said we'd be there but there is a much handier meeting on next week and we opted for that - it actually leaves from the local supermarket!! Last year was very interesting as all the big names were there, and we could get the weekly shopping done too!. MESSAGE FOR STEVE - Check out Memorial Cimurri on Internet for more.
And this is for Marco who appreciates a good cat!
Love also to Laura, another Paplanna
PS I need your help Carlo!!

Monday, 22 September 2008

First day of autumn

The first day of autumn and my first attempt at blogging! With the rest of the family staying put, Victor with the excuse of chimney sweeping and my pink-haired daughter up exceptionally early, eager to buy even more black t-shirts at the sunday market, I set off in usual direction along Vico valley (bone dry) upwards and onwards to Canossa Castle. By the way this castle is supposedly famous (but more about that another time).

After bypassing the castle, worked my way up to Monte della Sella (541m) the highpoint and highspot of walk and time for a ham sandwich (from Parma where else?)

Now my mum's bugbears are horses digging up her lawn. I take it one stage further and can't abide all these motorised vandals - just see how they've ruined such a beaautiful spot. Apart from them and me, not a soul in sight. With clouds all of a sudden gaathering, I began to feel rather exposed to the elements and set off down the omniously called LUNGA costa, you can see it winding on forever.......

And it lived up to its name, 2 and a half hours later the first sign of civilisation was Mucciatella Church obviously pretty old but by this time I was ready to meet V. in the village square and get homemade white choclate and almond cake.

Well now I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, a 5 hour walk, a blog entry and a sunday special cake all in one day, does V know he's married to a Superwoman?

Now each blog should contain the latest knitting project, but my wool lady is still on her summer hols, and I usually like to stop off to visit a new watering hole on my wanders but obviously they were few and far between today. Will try to get them all included on next Sunday's walk, there's no stopping me now!