Monday, 24 January 2011

Plenty of WOOL and WALKING in the Apennines this Sunday.
RE the former, finally sewed in all the ends and found suitable buttons for my Debbie Bliss folk chic fairisle jacket.
Killer obviously likes it too...

RE:the latter, annual walk from Traversetolo uphill to Svizzzano.

A rare occasion of Victor bringing up the rear

The church, where we know from experience there is a bench in a sunny spot, perfect for halfway pizza.

Looking back homewards..


Anonymous said...

Wow....I wonder just how high up you are...looks like you can see for miles. You will have to take up skiiing, or sledging for on the downhill going home.


Anonymous said...

What a great walk!!!!

Ambra said...

Che bello! I colori sono meravigliosi e ti stanno benissimo. C'è tanta neve da voi, il paesaggio è stupendo.

Helga said...

I love your jacket. Wonderful!

Jane/WTKnits said...

Stunning pictures! Wish I was there. Love your jacket too.