Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Little things please ...

My mother's side of the family is so creative that they border on being bonkers! As I get older I worry about their genes taking over as I follow suit.
The aunties would have loved this..is it an octopus or a jellyfish? your guess is as good as mine but its certainly a talking point in the bathroom. (He's sitting on the spare toilet roll).
Just a little thing I rustled up this morning.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Socks, glorious socks!

Those of us who have got the sock bug know there is no limit to the imagination as far as knitting socks and yarn is concerned.
Take these for example: a pair of French stockings from Paris, not stereotype sexy long and black as one would expect but colourful, comfy and crocheted!
With thanks to Christine/Amineko.

Barmy socks by Christina Bain. Note how the textured design makes the most of the crazy coloured yarn.

An essential for all serious yoga girls. Yoga socks without heels or toes for getting a grip on a slippery surface. Accessorised with matching nail varnish for the photo shoot.