Monday, 31 January 2011

slipping into Icelandic mode.

The Icelandic Knitter

So this is my next project. When the wool arrived all the way from The Shetlands I was a bit dubious about the colours, dare I say almost beige. but after reading up the designer's blog I slipped into the Icelandic mode, neutreul sheepy colours.

I spent the afternoon winding up thirteen little centre pull balls on my ,rather blue, thumb.

To stop any arguing beteen the balls I then had to wedge them into boxes as instructed.

Here we are at 20 rows done only another 280 to go.

And while this was all going on inside the house, outside the snow was falling yet again to create another frozen landscape. All part of the Icelandic theme (well if they had castles).

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Anyone for sushi?

Dedicated to Simona who, despite the high bar stools, never says no to a sushi........
But she'd have trouble eating these, note the chopsticks......yes, they are knitted!!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Plenty of WOOL and WALKING in the Apennines this Sunday.
RE the former, finally sewed in all the ends and found suitable buttons for my Debbie Bliss folk chic fairisle jacket.
Killer obviously likes it too...

RE:the latter, annual walk from Traversetolo uphill to Svizzzano.

A rare occasion of Victor bringing up the rear

The church, where we know from experience there is a bench in a sunny spot, perfect for halfway pizza.

Looking back homewards..

Saturday, 22 January 2011

That's neat, that's neat I really love my tiger feet...

I fell in love with this tiger yarn the moment I saw it, it immediatly brought to mind a song from my youth, just LISTEN TO THE CHOROUS and your toes will soon be tapping too. BIG THANKS to Laura who spoiled me by sending it all the way from America a while back. At first I could just not get the stripes to work out but this time they just flew off the needle and I got them done in two days.