Monday, 9 November 2009

It's raining again

It's raining again........who sang that song?

With Saint Martin's day falling on 9th November, it nearly always rains on our local Saint's day.
After a half -hearted attempt to visit the local market I retreated to the warmth of the wool shop and spent the afternoon working on this year's decorations

Theme: gingerbread.


Annie said...

I love those decorations! They're really cute

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

cute decorations! I hope you got some real gingerbread too!

Kathy said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love the decorations - I think they must be Alan Dart :O)

Ambra said...

The rainy days are the best for knitting.
Lovely decorations... they remind me that I have to improve my recipes for gingerbread cookies :)