Monday, 23 November 2009

Grey days

Unlike the UK, lashed by wind and rain in this period, it has been very foggy around these parts, much worse than London, although Italians raised on Dickens and Sherlock holmes might disagree.
Fortunately Mother Nature manages to cheer us up a bit. As other trees are stripped bare of leaves the persimmon comes into its full glory.
There are plenty of these rustic trees in local gardens.
The bright orange globes appear to glow like fairy lights on an otherwise dismal evening.
I'm not too keen on the fruit, all jelly inside but I bet Ambra can come up with a recipe for them !


suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

the fruit looks so pretty! can it be made into a jam or jelly?

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos
thank you for the cinema again
a nice evening. S

Ambra said...

Siamo telepatiche, non sono riuscita ad inserire le mie foto dei cachi la settimana scorsa...ho rimediato adesso! Io adoro la loro consistenza e me li mangio al naturale, ma proverò a cercare qualche ricetta, il mio albero è stato particolarmente generoso quest'anno :)