Monday, 6 October 2008

Wandering around. M.Pezzola

This Sunday set off on my third attempt to discover the path around M.Pezzola above S.Polo and yet again got lost coming down. But the afternoon was not wasted, still sunny although now starting to layer up with sweatshirts.
Mother Nature can't seem to decide on the season although this tree obviously thinks its Autumn.

But what are these doing north of Florence?

Mog of the week is Killer- not living up to his name.
PS All girls at heart, knocking 50 like me, SHOULD go and see Mamma Mia, preferably on a girl's night out. Meryl Streep is a breath of fresh air, still dancing at her age (no signs of aching joints) with Pierce chasing after her. So inspiring!
check out the trailer on

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Anonymous said...

ciaooo!!! bellissimo il blog!!! la foto di killer e bellissima! ciaooo da marcooo