Monday, 27 October 2008

Happy Birthday Federica!

We won't even mention walking today! But I did manage to finish a yellow cardi in time for my neice's Fede's 1st birthday. And to be honest, sitting down to a good lunch - cooked by someone else - is the next best way to pass a Sunday.
Not sure about the jumper. I adore yellow punctually buy some at the start of each season only to get home and have doubts about whether it really suits me. So this time I craftily added the crochet trim to take my mind off the sheer yellowness of the rest of the project. By the way I know I don't talk much about the wool part of this blog but I found another dedicated site called Ravelry which I follow.
Wonderful news!!! The girls are coming out for my Big Birthday in December, all I need now is Pierce Brosnan to jump out of the cake and everything will be just perfect.
And to tie in with the walking theme, this is the site of the Sentiero Ducati where we've been exploring recently. Next weekend is a bank holiday weekend so hope to get in a good walk although they're forcasting rain.


Anonymous said...

Federica and the cat are wonderful,are you sure you won't keep it (the cat of course)?
Hope to see you soon in barcaccia simona

Anonymous said...

ps I like the cardigan, the crochet makes it original, it definitely suits you. simona

Fiona G said...

Love the cardi. Expect me to email a photo from Exeter that I think is of you and Nigel - terrible photo but funny. Love F

Anonymous said...

ke paplana!
perĂ² ka gattina alla fine l'abbiamo tenuta e dobbiamo trovarci un nome!ha ha ha
love u littleone