Monday, 13 October 2008

Lost in the woods

Picked up the walk from Gottano Sopra, see two weeks back. Glorious day and glorious colours. But although they apprently looked very inviting, these trees were a nightmare. The path optimistically described by Victor as 'rather casual!' (Avoid sentiero 680!!) soon petered out and what with fallen trunks, landslides and gullies to be crossed - in my case on bum, hands and knees - it took us almost twice the hour and half given on sign post to reach Temporia. Here a nice lady took pity on us and offered us some wine to go with our rolls but Vicotr said NO!! Why wasn't I quicker?
But still amazingly talking to each other we continued uphill to Cereggio. This is view from M. Alto 711 m. Back along ridge between torrent Enza and Lonza to car.
Victor couldn't resist a bit of birdwatching!!
The perfect place to knit a few rows. Aesthetes will note that the wool is a nice choc brown and perfectly in tint with the season. In fact have already done front and back and results seem very promising.
More next week...Sue


Anonymous said...

Even if I have lived here all my life I have never seen some of the places you mention in your blog. really interesting,Carlo appreciated the photos. Well done. Simona

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scenery - I really enjoyed reading your blog.