Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quick dash to Cesenatico with Lin

One happy girl at the seaside.
Lin and I had a longing to visit our Cesenatico and a rather complicated trip of two trains and a bus wasn't going to put us off.
We only went for one night but I found a cheap very warm hotel room. Much appreciated considering the bitter weather.

Just look at what the holidaymakers who flood there every summer miss out on.
By night, fishing boats setting out to sea

The local harbour with the famous old boats decked out with nativity scenes. What a sight looking out from the pizzeria.

And we caught the boats returning the following morning. Appearing out of the fog, drawn by the fog horn blaring out from the end of the harbour.

And this time we were tucked up in a superb cafe with the legendary local donuts for breakfast and strozzpreti (strgangled priest!) pasta for lunch.

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paula said...

Wonderful pictures and what a w onderful way to travel.