Sunday, 8 January 2012

Knitting update

The lead up to Christmas was spent knitting furiously for long suffering friends but I finally got them all together to parade their pressies.

Thanks to all for a lovely evening

I normally avoid chunky wools, also because the finished article took just three days to make and, at 15 euros a ball, that's not a lot of knitting for your money. But mum had made a splendid example of this and, with Rowan finally available in Italy, she bought me the neccesities for this jacket when she visited before Christmas. Look finished off with a secret santa swap cowl from Paula in The States and a shawl pin from Mum.


paula said...

I like the open bottles on the table in front of your friends . . they make it look like it was a REAL fun night :0}

Anonymous said...

Thanks thanks again for your wonderful present. My mum was amazed at seeing it. Thanks again for your warm hospitality. S.