Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Intriguing construction work

I have always been intrigued by Hanne Falkenberg's knits, mostly gaarter stitch jackets knitted in one piece using 2 ply shetland wool. My mum has made some lovely ones but the fact that they are only availbale in expensive kit form rather put me off. So when I saw the Mermaid model on offer online I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately the model sizing did not suit me, being full busted and narrow shouldered Iwas placed midway between two sizes. In the end I opted for the larger one. As the model is knitted vertically from one front round the back to the front and includes short row shaping, darts and pleats I didn't have the time, patience or expereince to mess around with measurements. In fact the finished jacket was perfect but, alas, far too big and sleeves too long.

But I was still toying with the idea . this time I found some wool on ebay which turned out to be excellent.It arrived all the way from Lithuania (?) in just a few days and appeared to be the right weight. Gauge is essential and this was slighty different so I opted for a size smaller jacket. What fun to knit. The wool slowly changed colour as I progressed from the starting point at centre bottom back. I got the whole back out of one ball but the sleeves (still knitted in one piece) were neverending and gobbled up two more. Which left me a bit short for the front. But by unwinding and rewinding sections of different colours, and adding a bit of keftover kauni, I eventually got two reasonably mirrored lapels.

These garter stitch shetland garments aquire drape and shape with washing. I have already washed this once and it fits and hangs perfectly. I have even grown to like the brightness (which for me was part of the fun of the wool) and am looking forward to wearing it when days get darker and duller.


Anonymous said...

You have lots of patience, undoing and reworking...well done, you will certainly turn some heads in the winter.


Anonymous said...

Il risultato รจ sorprendente, ma hai davvero avuto pazienza, per una lavorata del genere. S.