Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Congrats to Alessandro and Francesca!

Who would have ever believed that ...
-I would find the right dress, (and that it was made of sheer bright silk and yet still managed to hide all my lumps and bumps),
- would mangae to walk on high heels
- I wouldn't bite my nails for two weeks
- find a gold designer clutch bag on sale in an outlet the day before
-the weather would be just perfect.

Yet I did and it was...

Such a lovely reception.

such a lovely young couple

and such a huge cake

And being a perfectionist I even got hold of the right shade of wool to knit Tidal Streams in Easyknit skinny semi solid plum jam yarn.


Helga said...

you look beautiful!

paula said...

As Mom would say, "Sue, you clean up well!"

What kind/type of cake did they have? In the US, we have tiered cakes, normally. (A friends whose mom made WONDERFUL pies had pies for her wedding cake . . . all different flavors and fillings made the week of the by the bride and her mom. Her wedding gift to me was a home made pie . . . shawl with a gorgeous plate to use after.

WOW . . did I go off on a rant!

LOVE the shawl too!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, and your outfit is gorgeous, love the shawl too..goes perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Your husband is fantastic !!

Anonymous said...

wonderful shawl, you and your family look perfect for the wedding. simona

Linda said...

Your daughter is the best! She's also prettier than your husband!

strilla said...

Aren't you a fancy-looking lot, you three! :)

The colour of your shawl really does go perfectly with the dress.