Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring is bustin out all over

Well summer really. In Italy we seem to miss out on the inbetween bit from cold to hot weather and consequently flowers are thrown out of sync , late daffs alongside early geraniums.

The wisteria has excelled itself yet again, the scent fills the house and intoxicates the cats who are all fast asleep under the porch. All rivalty forgotten in a happy hopeless heap.

Whilst inside the house we have vases of dafs and tulips here and there. Not having green fingers, the needles come to the rescue.

Miss you dad.


Paula said...

Love to you . . . must be a special day for you and your dad. Does he visit you like my late dad visits me? Dad must have run over every curb at home. SO, whenever we run over a curb I always thank Dad . . I figure he is there making us do it

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the wisteria looks wonderful, as does the knitted daff!

Fresh Fifteen said...
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AbigailBanfield said...

You're right, the daffs look beautiful and realistic!!! x