Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter 2011

On Easter Sunday we got lost in the woods at 1,500 metres. At one point I was even more confused by the sight of these cowslips, the first I've ever seen outside the English South Downs.

We wandered around for a couple of hours but failed to find the lake we were aiming for, yet we did find the last of the winter's snow.
Fortunatly we finally came across a mountain inn which had a few pieces of cake leftover from lunch.
Thus fortified we gave up on the hills and luckily found a road which we stuck to all the long way back to the car.

Pratizzano Pass

Of course being a bank holiday weekend the weather was not at its best.

But Easter Monday's restaurant was warm and cosy.

A real traditional restaurant where I counted no less than 12 separate courses, I gave up after the four different types of tortelli but MIL and hubby pushed on through the various roasts and even squeezed in a piece of cake..

And what does a knitter give for Easter presents? knitted egg cosies of course!


Paula said...

Cute cozies . . . the green one has a personality that shows through he picture.

Anonymous said...

Almost looks like the South Downs walking through the forest..
I wonder how far you actually walked..I would not manage hours..and trust you to find somewhere that sold cake..:O)


Anonymous said...

The egg cozies were something beyond my imagination, but they are absolutely wonderful. What a walk you had on Easter day! I think you
didn't put on weight even after your Easter Monday lunch.
BTW nice restaurant! See you soon S.