Thursday, 27 May 2010

Knitting on top of the world

At Plan di Corones (2,275 metres) to be exact. In the Dolomites.
The occasion: the uphill time trial of the Italian Bike Race.
We came up by cablecar and our only hardship was putting up with the boiling sun.

The bikers came up the hard way, reaching a peak of 24% on a hardcore road.
Arroyov in the pink jersey.
Garzelli won and Evans came second.
The rest of the time the car did all the climbing. If you sum up 4 mountain passes, up and down, we could have done Everest.
Passo Falzarego

Passo Fedaia underneath Marmolada, the highest peak in the dolomites

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Take 2

As promised, 'at the market' stole in black version for lindy when she's singing in the choir.

Coffee bar with a view !

How convenient, coffee, cake and papers to keep V happy while I nip into the shop.
Look carefully what does the shop have in its windows?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Sunday lunch/Pranzo di domenica

On Sunday the weather turned out nice for lunch with friends at the restaurant up by the castle.
Siamo andate al Melograno - va bene il foto ho fatto un'altro giorno. Quando è piu caldo si puo mangiare davanti. Con qualche tovaglie è molto bello !!

Mario e Dani behaving themselves for the photo.
Che bella coppia...sembrano cosi tranquilli!
Per l'occasione, Mario è venuto in macchina e non motorino.
Dani è stato di grand compagnia anche si era il piccolo del gruppo

George trying to get a word in edgeways!!!!
Giorgio intrappolato fra due chiacchieroni

The resturant looks over to the tower of Rossenella and after a very long lunch some of us felt athletic enough to climb it.
Dopo pranzo qualche atlete dal gruppo hanno arrampicato la torre

What a view (and I'm not referring to the castle opposite).
Che bellezze (e non referisco alla vista di castello).

Enza Valley
Il fiume sotto

Climbing back down.
Non era facile scendere ma abbiamo tutti imparato qulacosa, Dani, in particolare.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Were my eyes deceiving me?

This morning I made a quick trip to town in the rain and as I passed a bookshop I saw this !!!!**??
People knitting in a shop window complete with knitting books all around (not worth buying unfortunately) Now to other members of the Ravalry knitting community this may seem rather normal but in Italy I have never ever EVER seen people knitting in public.
Naturally, as is often the case in these parts, there has been no publicity in the newspapers, I read them everyday. But after some searching on Internet I found out the following.
REMIDA day. For the 11th year running the city council together with the electricity board and local schools dedicate a month (May) to raising ecological awareness and recycling materials. This year the day is called World in Progress. Rather strangely titled in English with no explanation or English text given!
Followed by a whole list of admirable engagements, initiatives and projects for the month of May, dedicated to making the most of materials, creative and ecological recycling, environmental respect, waste reduction (the city is already a European leader in separating waste)
But the most interesting project for me is MADEAMANO (handmade) and I've already missed the first day of public knitting. Several corners have been set up in the city where people are invited to knit recycled wool which will eventually be made into an art installation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Italian Republic. Other aims include lessons, teaching in nursery schools (again Reggio is world famous for its nursery school system), passing on traditions, getting people to meet up etc,...the last point makes me rather mad because I would have been the first if I'd known.
All culminating with REMIDA DAY, next Sunday, another knit together in the park and a second hand market in the centre. Italians do not usually have boot or garage sales like Uk and USA. It's all so innovative for these parts, I've been waiting for years for such a chance BUT!!!!! I shan't be here next weekend. Da..................!.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Mayday and May Day

A sunny May Day walk in the upper Enza valley, no worries about getting lost as this was a return trip.
The area is called the Valley of the Knights and refers to a medieval family who ruled over the area. Two rivers meet up here, Enza and Cedro, and separate the province of Parma and Reggio. The area is quite cut off, in fact we were the only walkers out and about. Started out at a height of 650 metres above sea level.
Shrine between Taviano and Camporella.

View of Camporella with some snow still on the mountains behind. Looking towards the Lagastrello Pass leading to the other side of the Apennines, Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea

Half way point. Still striding along after two hours. Down towards bridge over river Enza and then back along the other bank.

Not for the sqeamish. I don't know what he was doing in the middle of the road. Never seen one so big before in Italy. About 1 and a half inches but V wouldn't put his hand down to give an idea of the scale.

Thank goodness for this bar, for some strange reason I was exhausted. Forget the coffee, had to have a pint of lager. The last 250 metres (upwards) were the worst.