Monday, 3 May 2010

Mayday and May Day

A sunny May Day walk in the upper Enza valley, no worries about getting lost as this was a return trip.
The area is called the Valley of the Knights and refers to a medieval family who ruled over the area. Two rivers meet up here, Enza and Cedro, and separate the province of Parma and Reggio. The area is quite cut off, in fact we were the only walkers out and about. Started out at a height of 650 metres above sea level.
Shrine between Taviano and Camporella.

View of Camporella with some snow still on the mountains behind. Looking towards the Lagastrello Pass leading to the other side of the Apennines, Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea

Half way point. Still striding along after two hours. Down towards bridge over river Enza and then back along the other bank.

Not for the sqeamish. I don't know what he was doing in the middle of the road. Never seen one so big before in Italy. About 1 and a half inches but V wouldn't put his hand down to give an idea of the scale.

Thank goodness for this bar, for some strange reason I was exhausted. Forget the coffee, had to have a pint of lager. The last 250 metres (upwards) were the worst.


Paula said...

Now you make me feel guilty . . you walked 2 hours and I can't drag my lazy butt outside to walk for 1/2 hour. Maybe your writings will inspire me to start.

wool and walking in The Apennines said...

I walked FOUR hours...But I bet you got up to more creating than me and you have a nice backyard to sit in too

Bettyboo said...

Spectacular scenery....and four hours walking is quite a feat, especially uphill and down dale.

Ambra said...

Che passeggiata... siete bravissimi!
Io invece ho fatto 4 ore di coda in auto per andare al mare :(
decisamente la vostra รจ stata una scelta migliore!