Friday, 23 April 2010

Lazy afternoons

Well the Wisteria has finally caught up with spring. We have had some glorious afternoons lazying on the patio and just drinking in the perfume.

The perfect peaceful setting for finish off my CALAIS shawl, made of the softest imaginable Silk Dream yarn (Australia wool + Thai silk), a lovely gift from Barbara (Bellarine Queen) from way down under.
And when I say WE, my fluffy pals, exhausted after their springtime friskiness, have also given up, and in, to the inebriating scent.
Naturally the king of the jungle/park gets the throne complete with cushion

Whilst Tigs opts for a freshly washed and beaten carpet drying in the sun

Finally left alone, even Mimi - the only girl (naturally seen to) - managed to grab a pew

Constantly bothered by Less, Rudoplf sticks to his outdoor 'igloo'

Last but not least Killer - the only real macho of the bunch - takes a kip on the bench and waits for V to light up the barbeque.
And for those of you thinking what a boring old soul I must be with my cats and knitting...well I also started step class this week...


Ambra said...

Che Belli!
Anche lo scialle è bellissimo.
^_^ Nessuna può pensare alla noia, immaginandosi un patio pieno di fiori gatti e scialli...

Paula said...

Yoour wisteria are simply gorgeous . . wish we had room here to plant some . .but, alas, small bed and smaller room available.

Jane said...

The shawl is divine and I LOVE all your cats. Step class sounds....very energetic!

Anonymous said...

ihihi the real macho xD be il vero gatto li in mezzo e tigs e basta, non less... ihihih xD ihihih
ormai non e piu il sito della lana e delle passeggiate!! xD e il sito dei gatti del parco ihih