Friday, 5 February 2010

Got there in the end.

I'd always wanted to try out some Noro wool. Knitting with it was hypnotic, watching the colours unwind and feel the slubs and skinny bits , even fibre, slip through my hands.
It took ages because I unpicked it several times to get it just right, afterall I had spent both time and money getting hold of it I wanted it to be perfect.
But I can do better than this really. The brand's patterns don't do the wool justice so I had to adapt. I reckon they're aimed at mums who want to knit them for their teenage daughters. But women in their prime of life like bright colours too (and my teenager wouldn't be seen dead in a handknit) I reckon they should change their marketing strategy I'd be the first to buy a book with real women's patterns in.
Anyway the look is finished off nicely by the necklace Betty gave me for Christmas, the Deisel cargo pants (knocked down from 159 to 25 Euro) and new hair colour, which was a bit of a surprise never having had dark hair before.


Jane said...

Wow! It looks great. You've done a wonderful job!!

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

wow for the jumper and wow for the hair!
and the verif word below is "block", weird huh!!

Ambra said...

Passavo di qua e quasi non ti riconoscevo...molto bella!
Cambiare fa bene allo spirito e quel colore รจ proprio bello!

A proposito di modelli di maglia, pensa un po' che i modelli italiani escono solo in taglia 40/42 e con uno stile che neanche le novantenni indosserebbero, per paura di sembrare troppo vecchie.

Anonymous said...

You look really gorgeous! And I'm happy to see you finished your Penelope's work at last.Well done Simona

Anonymous said...