Saturday, 12 December 2009

Promises of a Crafty Christmas

OK I admit it, I do go rather overboard at Christmas.
The first thing to go up is the advent calander. Cross stitched by me years ago. The chocolates tend to get eaten and replaced several times before Christmas day actually arrives

Remember the knitted Alan Dart tree? It promised to be a disaster back in the summer. But with a gather here and there the branches looked pretty effective in the end. Here it is loaded with crafted ornaments from new friends made over the year at ravalry. I have been so lucky and got pressies from all over. Kisses to you all.

And as temperatures dropped icicles formed on the windows. Knitted of course by mum.
(that sellotape gives the game away)

Lindy stole my first rasta hat so I had an excuse to make another in chocolate and cream coloured Schoppenwool. I adore this yarn.


Ambra said...

Molto Natale...
che bello! Il cappellino cioccolata è splendido. Ma c'è rimasto un po' di spazio nell'alberello per le ritardatarie? Complimenti hai avuto una bellissima idea!

Kathy said...

Very festive indeed!