Monday, 3 August 2009

Summer nights

Last night they had a lovely firework display above the castle. You'll have to take my word for it and not judge by the photos. When we got up to the top of the hill I realised I had no idea how to use the new digital camera and by the time I'd got Linda on the mobile to talk me through the display had started. This was the best I could manage

August promises to be a very lazy month. I've given in to doctor's orders and to save the old gamey leg have decided to cut down on the walking for a bit.
A sly move really as it justs means more time for knitting.
Bamboo sweater. Wool Mondiale. To narrow the long self striping yarn I used two balls at once. The finished article is much warmer than I'd imagined. Definitely not a summer pull.

Trouble on the way. I've discovered a German online yarn shop. All in Euros and fast delivery.
I love this Zauberball sock wool. The colourway is called Tropical Fish...hence the imaginative scenario!!
But much too nice for socks I'm making a hat but I shall have to add dreadlocks to get the real effect!.

Now this may appear very uninSpiring to most but Ambra should know what it is. We were talking about it just the other week and then, miracle, I found some at the local flea market on Sunday.
What could it be?

Last but definIiley not least. More socks. The beauty in these being the heel which isn't very clear here but the model was getting bored.
Thanks to Laura for sending me this Sock a holic sok wool from the Knitters Brewing Co in US of A


Anonymous said...

Ma chi e' la biondina ?!?
Niente male....

Faluche said...

Hairextensions ? A horses tail ?
Nice socks !

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it's a spaghetti tree! ;-)

Anonymous said...

the fireworks are beautiful.
So right sue-it is a spaghetti tree :)
Very glad you finished the socks.
I still have not finished 1 project. You are my hero

Anonymous said...

I think its a horses tail too!!
I love that sock yarn, beautiful colours.