Monday, 24 August 2009

Camminate delle pinete

With summer neverending this year, we decided to esacpe the heat by joining in the afternoon fun run around the pinewoods of Castelnovo ne'Monti. (700m). The capital of the Appenines of this area. We saw nothing of the original Castrum Novum built by Matilda in 1111 on top of the pine covered slopes but the place was idyllic all the same.
I don't know where all these people got their energy from. We tagged along at the rear with the other keen walkers to complete one 4km lap whilst the serious competitors ran round twice.
Lovely shady woods to beat the heat.
Everyone who completed the circuit was awarded a free packet of spaghetti and a plate of pasta!

Just to make sure that nobody confused me with a real runner, I left my knitting poking out of my bag. And in midsummer my mind naturally turns towards the winter with a project which can't slip by unnoticed...a christmas tree made of imitation fur yarn.


Ambra said...

Solo tu puoi pensare all'albero di Natale in agosto con quasi 40°...sono curiosa di vederlo!

Laura said...

What a beautiful place to see. Knitting instead of running...oh yes. I would be tired just watching :)

Anonymous said...

I 'd like to see it when it is finished. How about a Christmas cake made of wool? Even if I prefer the original recipe. Definitely. S.