Tuesday, 12 May 2009


This Sunday's walk did not start off on a happy note as one member of out party had left HIS walking boots at home. So we opted to go along the mule track running up the Tassaro valley. The Tassaro joins the Tassobbio at the Chiccino mill - see 25th April. Crovara is perched on a rock where the two valleys meet up. There was apparently a medieval stronghold here but only the church is left now. A church which has pleasant associations for me. We first happened across it one April 23rd, with mum. A real coincidence as this day is dedicated to St. George, the patron saint of England, and the church's Saint, and was also my late nan's (mum's mum's) birthday. For the occasion the church was open and we had a guided tour which lasted all of 5 mins before sitting outside to enjoy the view and eat a picnic.

Back to the present.
This walk is stunning in the Autumn when the trees are turning but in the summer it is like walking through a long neverending green tunnel. At least there was no fear of sunstoke or getting lost. I spent the two hour climb lost in thought contemplating the next knitting project and the coffee and cakes waiting for us at the end of the mule track.
Note walking shoes!!!

The inn is suitably called Locanda degli Asini (Donkey's Halt) but here V made his second mistake of the day...he'd left his wallet in the car!!!

Other luckier wives enjoying a meal.

There was even a spare table waiting for us.
Better luck next time !


Laura said...

At least there was a beautiful view and the promise of a table...next time :)

Anonymous said...

What a shame, I hope you made him suffer, even if only a bit.