Sunday, 17 May 2009

Round the block/castle

I only meant to go for a quick walk up to the bar by the castle on Sunday. But being bright and early I was tempted by a slice of cheesecake which turned out to be nothing like its light, fluffy American counterparts and so I felt obliged to go just a little bit further to work off all that stodge.
So I went round to the other side of the castle, down, up and down again
From this side you can see the castle and the hamlet at its feet.

In The Middle Ages the area was filled with watch towers and castles as part of the Matildic defence system. Nowadays brick is replaced by wood and these watch towers have sprung up everywhere. The area is a nature reserve and I suppose they are there to count deer, pheasants and boar.
When I got home , feet up!
This is a lovely idea...a mystery sock KAL (knitalong). Each day a group on Rav. posts the next few lines of this sock pattern. There are no photos but after turning the heel I can work out a beaded butterfly.
Mind you what and how I'm going to wear another pair of wool sox, beaded, in fashion conscious Italy in the summer, is beyond me!

And another project, I'm such a lucky girl! I'd been looking for one of these sidewards knitted jumpers for ages so when Sylv. sent me a pattern from UK I couldn't wait to get started.
She's in the land of scones, clotted cream and pasties this week and I hope to surprise her with a good bit done when she gets back.
Thanks BettyBoo!

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Laura said...

I love cheesecake!
Next time coffee and cheesecake for me too :)