Monday, 23 March 2009

The lands of the Paludi family

I love the Tassobbio valley, there are a lot of little medieval hamlets with fortified houses and courtyards. They are all joined together by a network of old mule paths. It was also an area where partisans hid out during the Second World War.
Here I am trying out a couple of poles. One of my rav. groups claims that they help balance, work upper body and boost confidence. In fact, just look at me hopping across the stream!

At some point the map no longer listed the villages we came across, in my husband's words we were lost.
But it did lead us across the church of Santo Stefano set in the midst of a green lawn.
Doubt if I could ever find it again though.

The view in front of the church across to Bismantova Rock with its characteristic anvil shape. And there is still snow way back in the background but you can't see it here.
In fact, we celebrated the first day of spring with our last (?) snowfall of the season.

In the end we left the woods and continued on determined to find our way back. Fortunately the first sign of civilisation was a 'bar' (or cafe if you prefer Sylv). where I started the cuff on my spring tulip socks.

4 hour round trip, 663 metres height.


Anonymous said...

la prima foto sembro io quando passo il fiume a vico ha ha ha

Ambra said...

Bellissimi luoghi! Fino ad ora mi sono sempre fermata nell'Appennino modenese. Seguirò il tuo blog per conoscere quello reggiano.

Anonymous said...

Trust you to find the bar - just coffe I presume.
I like the pic of you with the two poles.
Beautiful scenery as always.