Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dritto, Rovescio in Milan

An exhbition of knitted masterpieces. Here 24 knitted dresses are joined together to form one hug FAMILY DRESS!

Who are those pretty young things!
Fancy free in cosmopolitan Milan, I'd forgotten what fun it is to have a girls' day out . Thanks Patty

With warmer weather and drier ground underfoot I managed to get up to the castle without getting too muddy.
But nature is still pretty dormant, not many birds or buds on the trees but...

I did find my first primrose..


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo the two girls in Milan, BTW, I was there too with my Japanese friend on the 14, 15 and 16 ! bye S.

HaveFaith said...

Love the castle. Haven't been to Milan since 1984 but have such fond memories. Thanks for such pretty photos.

I,too said...

great day!!! we should do it more often!! I'm working on a more ambitious plan, but I'll let U know.