Monday, 24 November 2008

Rugby in the Apennines/Campotrera

As I'm about to hit 50 very shortly I'm looking out for new experiences!
And this was a double first
-entering a football stadium
-watching a game of Rugby (Italy v Pacific Islanders).
I must say I enjoyed it and worked out team colours and what direction the ball should be moving all on my own.
Mind you Italians seem too clean, chic and cool to wallow in the mud or knock down several pints of triple x . By the way we lost.

After whipping not 1, nor 2 but 3 copies of the freebie DVD handed out at the presntation of the opening of the new Campotrera nature reserve I thought I'd better join in the organised walk. Temperatures were beginning to plummet but I took the oportunity to brush up my geology.
You can learn more on

I then decided to visit the tower on my own, it was a bit scary climbing up fortunately I bumped into a couple of lost souls who, as chance would have it, were Brits.

After a bit of a chinwag they drove me home as it had got quite cold and dark.

If you happen to be reading this Mark and whoops can't remember, leave me a comment, I've got some baked beans in the larder.

The photo is dedicated to my darling daughter - she knows why, Love you......

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Fiona said...

Hi Whaley - you've done much better than I ever have on rugby. I can never work out what's happening and mostly can't even see the ball. I'm a lost cause!
Love Fiona