Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I had been waiting for someone to get married so I could make them these cute egg cosies. And Maria, (my Rav friend Strilla from Finland) was the lucky bride. I think I got her dreadlocks Ok with the help of a bit of chenille but the rest doesnt do her justice. Being a true knitter she knitted a grey wedding shawl and a pair of lace thigh high socks. She proudly told me they were made of real sheep's wool i.e. a bit itchy and smelly- Must have made for a romantic honeymoon! As for hubby, I have yet to meet him I hope he isnt offended by his cosy!


strilla said...

Thank you so much for these! They're adorable. And you succeeded with the dreadlocks brilliantly.

Of course he's not offended by his cozy; after all he married a knitter. ;)

paula said...

They are just adorable . . . nice job!