Thursday, 21 October 2010

All the colours of autumn in a ball of wool

Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace yarns (4 ply)

In this part of the world Autumn = chestnuts
And according to Ambra the best place to eat them is Zocca.

And she was right, there was chestnut polenta, chestnut cake and chestnut bread, you name it and they can make it out of chestnuts

And when we 'd had enough of chestnuts there was always fresh baked flat breads which puffed up in the oven and helped warm up our frozen hands.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

mmmm, now I feel hungry....

Anonymous said...

Well, I am off out today to buy a yarn tree, a mini moocha one.
Lovely pics, the chestnut display is gorgeous, you live in a beautiful part of the world.


Jane/WTKnits said...

Got some mini mochi in my stash. Love the colours. Hope it's good to work with.

Laura said...

WOW! These photos are amazing. What perfect colours! xo

Ambra said...

Ma che belle immagini! le mie sono orr... beh diciamo che devo ancora imparare ad usare la nuova macchina fotografica :D