Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ambra and preyarn

For some time now Ambra (one of the rare cases of being under her own name on Ravalry!) has been raving on about this Evilla preyarn. To be honest I was not attracted to this rather original unspun 100% wool from Estonia. Quite frankly it just pulls apart as you knit it, and it smells of well ..wool. Perhaps it would be better for felting?
But the dear girl bought me not one but two balls of the stuff and out of respect I started on a Sagrantino shawl. Ambra has made some beautiful examples...check them out, but I soon gave up.

And then one of my favourite designers, Ilga Leja brought out a new pattern called Bermuda. The original is in a gradually self striping blue and the short row shaping and eyelet rows emphasise the feel of waves beating on the shore.
Just perfect for preyarn and this stunning colourway.
And, would you belive it, I really enjoyed making it whilst on holiday.
Still not totally convinced on its strength and almost praying that it would felt and hold together, I got carried away with the waves effect and added a few of my own to make it bigger.

But it DIDN't shrink or felt in the wash. Here is Isshan modelling the results.
Next project? A bag from the same yarn as my first felting project.


Ambra said...

E' splendido... e perfetto per l'Evilla!
Sei bravissima e originale, ne farò sicuramente uno anche per me!!

Paula said...

Interesting . . . don't really understand the concept, but the end result is nice.

:0} paula