Sunday, 14 March 2010

Not more snow!

The only way to cope with snow is to get outside and walk in it, but this week's record metre even kept my husband out of the office for the first time in 25 years. But the sun came out today and it was glorious so we did our 'spring' walk around Traversetolo. A walk which naturally begins with a visit to the sunday market and wool shop for Easter bunny brown and baby blanket cream.

A 3 hour walk through quiet lanes and byways with a halfway stop at Svizzano church (350 m) where we know of a secluded sun trap and even with temps below freezing we were lucky.

Beat this for a place to knit!
I am making mum a fine lace shawl with some pink wool she picked up in a charity shop in UK.

And last year we shared our picnic with a ginger Tom. (Ginger being my favourite cat flavour) . He'd obviously been busy in the last twelve months as the whole hamlet was over run with orange moggies.

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