Monday, 25 January 2010

The start of the walking season

We opened the season with a walk around a nearby village appropriatly named Quattro Castella...four hills each one once topped by a castle.

A cold but very educative outing which not only took in one castle (closed)....

and three ruined towers

.,,a variety of plant ecosystems, including this relic olive grove,
...geology...sandstone, a quarry with fossils, and a sulphur spring,
...a LIPU bird sanctuary

but was also a culinary experience thanks to my latest great cookbook (Dolci in Famiglia by Salvatore de Riso) and this focaccia al rosmarina farcita con parmigina di melanzane e provola affumicata

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BettyKnitter said...

Wonderful scenery! I would love to walk through the olive groves.