Monday, 7 September 2009

Medieval maidens

Back in 1077 the local queen, Countess Matilda, brought peace to troubled Europe by inviting the German emperor, Henry IV, to beg pardon of the
Pope of the time, Gregory VII.
Apparently the poor king waited three days in the snow before the pope gave in and let him in!

The village's claim to fame is celebrated on the first Sunday of September (when temperatures are decididly higher) with a medieval pagent.
Lindy and all her friends dressed up for the day and they looked so pretty I thought I'd dedicate this week's bulletin to them.




And where did this one creep in???

As they say in Italian L'ABITO NON FA IL MONACO !!!! (Don't judge b y appearances) - our cheeky nextdoor neighbour Pelle disguised as a monk.


Anonymous said...

Chi e' quel bel maschione vestito da frate....?

Anonymous said...

ma quanto รจ sexy la prima ragazza vestita di rosa??

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

what beautiful girls! ( Pelle the monk looks cute too!)

Anonymous said...

ciao mi piace questo sito... by sana

Anonymous said...

ciao susan!!! bellissime le foto!!!e il sito anche! comunque la signora della Scozia e ora ke vada da un oculista.. ahahha ciao by marko and his family with sipy jakie killer and mimi

Anonymous said...

hello susan!!!!veramente bello questo sito soprattutto le foto!!!!=)ciao ciao baci enza..