Monday, 29 June 2009

Ventasso (1727m.)

Regular readers of my blog(haha!) may recognise or even visited Ventasso. We usually just stop off at Lake Calmaone at the base for a picnic but every now and again feel the urge to get up to the top. The way up round the back involves a bit of climbing but nothing compared to last week's Snowdon (or Snow Don as my Italian husband pronounces it)

The ridge walk is splendid .

Just to show who got there first!

Time for some kip.
A handy word..knitters use it when they are Knitting In Public. My husband more literally translates it as 40 winks.
Sorry about the awful picture but it does show me making somehing for Laura's birthday.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wandering in Wales

At only 1085 metres, Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales isn't much higher than the Appenines I'm used to. But what a difference a few degrees of latitude and temperature make?
It took me about 5 hours to pop up and down the miner's trail to the top whilst the others had a coffee, and yet another slice of bram brack at the end of Bangor pier.

Quite a view from the top!

Lovely week. Lovely place packed with castles ...Grandma and Lindy strolling in Carnarfon...

And endless beaches....

Monday, 8 June 2009


The village of Vetto is gloriously perched overlooking the River Enza. The views are splendid but we wanted to climb up even higher-to Monte Piano at 750Metres.

This time next week we should be at the top of another mountain (1,085 m.) with complelty different vegatation and climate, watch this space for aome interesting comparisons in a fortnight's time.

And this is the final destination. The infamous 'Taverna degli Asini' which we had already visited 4 weeks ago, only this time we were equipped with boots and plenty of money for cakes.

And I've also finished Slv's cardi, I'm quite pleased with it. A versatile pattern which I think fits well endowed ladies (like myself) and others less fortunate (HeeHee).