Thursday 31 May 2012

Malabrigos sock yarn in Ravalry red

Two skeins for me- Candeliaand one skein for Gilly poo- Damson

Well in my absence from bloggers land they have gone and changed how to publish. Sorry folks I can't be bothered to suss it out now, enjoy the pictures!

Monday 23 April 2012


I've never been very keen on knitting cotton cardigans so I thought I would try to make a lightweight one out of wool more suited to British climes than Italy. I liked this pattern but after ordering the rather expensive wool online felt quite guilty. No need, the company phoned me up to say they were out of stock. Guilt was replaced by frustration until I realised the yardage was the same as common or garden sock wool. And I have plenty of that. Just three balls of cheap but soft Mondial sock wool was all it took. Knitted on larger needles than is usual the result is featherlight and just what I was looking for. Think I'll make another one.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Happy Easter

Well not the weather we had in mind for our Easter Sunday picnic. Not only my daughter's first drive in the mountains but her first adventure driving a car in the snow. I was not a relaxed passenger and had to put aside the knitting.

But she did wonderfully

Not a soul in sight.........

We got in one circuit of the lake and then the clouds rolled over once again accompanied by thunder and hail.

And what else could I do closed in the house on an Easter evening but knit a sock, or rather two. Aptly called Skew they are knitted on the diagonal, and tuned to my current yellow period, the wool was generously sent me a while back by Tavish/Paola, one of the most immagintaive creatives around check out her blog -

Wednesday 4 April 2012


I had been waiting for someone to get married so I could make them these cute egg cosies. And Maria, (my Rav friend Strilla from Finland) was the lucky bride. I think I got her dreadlocks Ok with the help of a bit of chenille but the rest doesnt do her justice. Being a true knitter she knitted a grey wedding shawl and a pair of lace thigh high socks. She proudly told me they were made of real sheep's wool i.e. a bit itchy and smelly- Must have made for a romantic honeymoon! As for hubby, I have yet to meet him I hope he isnt offended by his cosy!

Friday 30 March 2012

Spring has sprung

Got probably one of the last glimpses of snow this year as I walked up to the castle. Monte Cusna. 2,121 metres, affectionatly called 'The Sleeping Man'

I just have to knit YELLOW in the spring. Was captivated by the pattern on the back of this one. (Dahlia by Heather Zoppetti). Unfortunatley I hadnt realised that the front was so boring. I diligently ploughed my way through knitting the given waterfall fronts but was not at all happy with results. Unpicked and reknitted as a standard cardi. Still boring. Perhaps I should wear it back to front?

This one's backed by an embaressing tale. It was a kit, the wool was knitted in a dipdyed knitted sushi roll, as you knitted the shawl the pattern unravelled from the roll. I loved the idea but had so many problems ordering it and then when it came, part of a large order, my roll was badly stained. In the end the company were correct, gave me a full refund. I forgot about it for a year but curious to experiment got it out again. The final row should have been bright orange but was dirty and there wasnt enough. I had to improvise.and the quality of the wool wasnt specail, not for a shawl, but it doesn't look bad in the end !

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Frogged and recycled

I am much happier with the Noro cardi than the skirt mentioned in last post.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Never-ending Noro

Well I have been imprisoned in the village by polar tempertaures ice and snow for three weeks, no chance to get out and buy wool or for postie to fight his way through to me. So I had a look to see what I could find in my stash,.


I have a love hate thing about this Japanese yarn, once started the colour changes and the thick thin texture is hypnotic. Totally relaxing. But I'm not always over keen on results. I dont really like blends only pure wool and sometimes the colour combinations seem to clash. The skirt is an example. Always wanted to knit a skirt. It came out as promised but I dont really feel its me. Already frogged it. Fortunately unpicking can be as therapeutic as creating at times and it is already being recycled into a jacket. The second project was much more promising

Volna shawl in two skeins of Noro sekku lace weight.